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FAQ About PurigeN98
"Is nitrogen explosive? "
No, nitrogen is a totally inert gas and is extremely safe. It is not combustion able and does not chemically react with other substances.

"Will PurigeN98™ affect my TPMS system? "
PurigeN98™ will stabilize your tire pressure over a longer period of time and is less susceptible to pressure changes from cold to hot. Consistent tire pressure longer will reduce the number of faults detected by the TPMS system.
"Do I still need to check tire pressure?"
Yes, you should always check your pressure at least every 30 days. However you will find that your pressure is consistently maintained over a longer time period and that you will not have to add pressure as often.
"Do I need it in my spare tire? "
Yes, spare tires are often neglected and sit idle for long periods of time, all the while losing pressure and oxidizing. With PurigeN98™ your spare is more likely to maintain proper pressure over a longer period of time.
"Is PurigeN98™ compatible with my internal tire balancing (powder, beads,)? "
Yes, it would be hard to find a better operating environment than PurigeN98™, due to the absence of moisture.
"What do I do if I have to add pressure and can’t get PurigeN98™? "
No problem, simply ad compressed air to reach the proper pressure. As soon as you can go back to your PurigeN98™ dealer and have them purge and refill your tire with PurigeN98™. Be sure your dealer checks for leaks and problems or damage to your tire.
"Why is purity level of the nitrogen so important?"
Many studies and the scientific evidence show that you need a minimum 95% purity level in your tire after inflation with nitrogen. Any purity level below 95% in the tire will result in diminished benefits. The only way to achieve this is to deliver a high purity to the tire to offset the effects of residual oxygen and moisture. PurigeN98™ guarantees at least 98% purity delivered to your tire resulting in 95% or greater purity level in your tire giving you all the benefits of nitrogen inflation.

"How does the use of PurigeN98™ increase my fuel economy? "
Tires that are properly inflated to the proper pressure have less rolling resistance. A tire just 10% low will increase fuel use by 2%, 20% low will increase fuel use by 4%. PurigeN98™ helps keep tires inflated at the proper pressure consistently over a longer period of time, which results in less rolling resistance and increased fuel economy. It is estimated that 85% of the driving public drives on under inflated tires and that results in a cost of 10 million gallons of fuel per day. Tires inflate with PurigeN98™ will save money.

"Is nitrogen heavier than air "
The variance in weight is at the fourth decimal, so it is completely insignificant.

How does PurigeN98™ make my ride smoother?
Auto manufactures design their cars and trucks with performance in mind and recommend certain tire pressures to insure that performance. PurigeN98™ inflation provides an opportunity to meet those manufacturer specified pressure requirements more consistently and over a longer period of time.

Will the use of PurigeN98™ affect my tire warranty?
All major tire manufactures have stated that they will honor their warranty with the use of nitrogen.

Will it self-seal a puncture?
No, Nitrogen will not seal punctures. It will, however provide peace of mind in knowing that your tires are properly inflated, more consistently, over a longer period of time. By reducing tire aging, Nitrogen will keep the tire at its original tire flexibility, puncture resistance and strength for s much longer time. High purity nitrogen does not degrade the tire, as compressed air does, so tires last longer.

Do I need to put nitrogen in all four tires?
Yes. In order to avoid pressure differences in the tires, PurigeN98™ must be put into all the tires. Compressed air will not hold the pressure as consistently as Purigen98 and the result in some tires inflated with compressed air will have low pressure. Low pressure will affect the drivability of the vehicle.

Is PurigeN98™ good for all tires?
Yes. ATV’s, trailers, off-road, motorcycles, RV’s or any tire can and will benefit from the use of PurigeN98™.

. I have run flat tires. How will nitrogen affect my run flat tires?
Besides the normal benefits of PurigeN98™, the gas offers even greater benefits when used in run flats and sports cars. First of all, finely tuned sports cars are designed to give the driver the best feeling and response on the road. There is no better inflation gas than PurigeN98™ to get optimum performance out of the vehicles precisely engineered drive train. Run flat tire pressure needs to be checked even more frequently than normal tires, because it is virtually impossible to see if a run flat tire is low. Under inflated run flat tires, even when flat, look fully inflated. PurigeN98™ will minimize the risk of being low. In addition, when a run flat tire is used in an under inflated condition, it builds up tremendous heat. Higher temperatures lead to increased aging and premature failure. Lastly, high performance run flat tires are very expensive. Any age gain associated with the use of PurigeN98™ will lead to long term savings.

"Do auto manufacturers endorse nitrogen? "
Some do, such as every Volvo in Europe. Here in the U.S. they have not for several reasons, one being there is no infrastructure to support the use of nitrogen. That is rapidly changing across the country. Also take into consideration the fact that the benefit of nitrogen has been known for some time but has not been acknowledged. There may be significant legal liability for past claims and law suits on their part. Plus in the past it wasn't affordable, but now with the advent of PurigeN98™ it is available to the general public.
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